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Classy G – Fille Pink (Women's)
$25.00 CAD

Classy G – Fille Pink (Women's)

As far as I can recall, cycling vests were invented by Pearl Izumi in the early 90s. The idea of calling them a “gilet” only makes sense if a) you’re a French motorcyclist, b) you consider the 90s or PI to be vintage, c) you’re a poser. Same for “bidons”. But REGGIE knows the rules which is why we don’t do t-shirts. We do “gaminets” – pronounced gam-in-EH. The REGGIE gaminet is what you wear whenever you’re not on your bike.

Why You Want It:

  • Rg Rivet
  • Gildan 100% cotton shirt
  • Ladies' soft-style junior fit
  • Designed by The Wills Kids