Where are REGGIE products made?

We source our gear from all over the world: Canada, USA, Hong Kong, China, Sweden. We want to provide great pieces and value. It’s also important that we get new gear out quickly. By working with our favourite partners, we’re able to get the best of everything.

Why do you use partners for custom pieces rather than make it yourself?

When we decided to try to turn REGGIE into something for other cyclists, we had two options: we could develop products from scratch or we could work with partners we already knew could deliver pro level pieces.

Who is REGGIE’s favourite cyclist of all time?

Gino Bartali.

How do I figure out my right size?

Refer to the extensive sizing charts (Men's here) (Women's here) for each piece and use the dimensions to determine size first. For jerseys, you can also select your preferred fit. Select your fit after you’ve determined your correct size. If you want to be like the pros, go with our Faster fit. If you want a bit of looseness, Fast is the way to go. The jersey fabrics are super stretchy and will ensure a great fit. If you size up, you’ll get buckling in the zipper and that’s not fast.

Does REGGIE have tattoos?


Do I have to pay anything extra when my package arrives?

If you are in Canada, you have paid all the shipping and taxes when you placed your order. If you are outside of Canada, you may have to pay taxes and/or import duties to your local delivery service.