Who is REGGIE?

REGGIE has been six years in the making for the Wills Kids, but it started long before that for this brother-sister team.

Anything designed for REGGIE, from the jerseys to the packaging, is done by Laura. She’s been a designer extraordinaire her entire life. In her day-job, she designs amazing award-winning wine and beer labels, websites, skateboards and lots of other stuff. When she was a kid, she wanted to grow up to be a fashion designer and styled and sewed clothes for her Barbies. So when I asked her to help me with my high fashion cycling idea, I’m pretty sure it was her dream come true.

On a slightly different path from his sister, Jeff dreamed of becoming a professional cyclist since he was thirteen (of course he still does!). After a season of amateur racing in Belgium in the early 90s, Jeff returned to Canada to begin his career in marketing and advertising. Running his own media agency and working with clients, one of Jeff’s operating principles is “if the other guys are doing it, we probably shouldn’t.” Add his love of fashion, design and style, and voila, REGGIE.

The spirit of REGGIE is simply based in the pure fun of riding a bike. We’ll try to capture that in all of our gear. We have pretty strong ideas for what works for REGGIE. Awesome designs are a given. We ask ourselves, ‘does it look FAST?’ We need to look better and go places other brands can’t. If REGGIE looks like he’s poking fun at others, he is. The visual heritage of cycling will always be recognizable. We understand the beauty of cycling and suffering but other brands have it covered. We want to get to the other side of suffering with REGGIE because after we’ve pushed through a tough patch, we know it’s going to be good. When REGGIE uses ‘FULL GAS’ on the sole of a sock or an Rg Rivet on a jersey, we hope it not only makes you grin but encourages your next effort on the bike. We want non-cyclists to want to start riding so they can use REGGIE gear.

REGGIE has been super fun for us so far. We’ve created something from scratch. Plus, Jeff gets some cool gear for riding. We hope you like it too. Ride lots. Rivet on.