Pink Punch It Socks
Pink Punch It Socks
Pink Punch It Socks
$11.00 CAD

$18.00 CAD

Pink Punch It Socks

After stylin' a blue suit everyday, some guy shook it up with some crazy socks. Same dude carried the idea to his bike and voila, the crazy cycling socks phenomenon began. REGGIE socks are crazy good looking and will complement the rest of your REGGIE gear.

Why You Want It:

  • Same socks worn by Quick-Step UCI Pro Team
  • 5" height (perfect)
  • Made by DeFeet for REGGIE
  • Designed by The Wills Kids

Unisex Size Guide:

S / Fits Women's size 6–8 / Men's size 4.5–6.5 / EU 36–39.5
M / Fits Women's size 8.5–10.5 / Men's size 7–9 / EU 40–42.5
L / Fits Women's size 11–13 / Men's size 9.5–11.5 / EU 43–45.5
XL / Fits Men's size 12–14 / EU 46–48