Bolt Vest (Women's)
Bolt Vest (Women's)
Bolt Vest (Women's)
$70.00 CAD

$140.00 CAD

Bolt Vest (Women's)

Lightning strikes a second time with the Bolt Vest.  A Bowie-approved pink alternative to our original Lightning Vest that will hurt your eyes and stop traffic.  Designed to protect you from the chills, it's perfect for when you need an extra layer to get started in the morning or to make it home in that dang headwind all while making you an unmissable beacon on the road.

Sizing Guide

Why You Want It:

  • Rg Rivet
  • Fast fit (*choose a size down if you want to go Faster)
  • Lightweight, high stretch fabrics
  • Two-way full length front zipper
  • Integrated reflective details
  • Two rear pockets
  • Made by Jakroo for REGGIE
  • Designed by The Wills Kids