Long Range Dropper Bibs (Women's)
$101.50 CAD

$145.00 CAD

Long Range Dropper Bibs (Women's)

Dropper convenience plus a 7+ hour pad will make any ride better no matter how long you go.

Highlighted by our new pad that uses a unique foam density mix with a longer functional zone, the saddle will feel like it’s not there. The open back and fabric mix in the straps lets riders make easy washroom stops without getting undressed.  No clasps, snaps or magnets – just simple.

With discreet grippers, and fade-to-black straps, The Long Range droppers look and feel ready for any ride.

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Why You Want It:

    • New REGGIE Spec dropper bibs for 2021
    • 100% made in North America
    • Exclusive 7+ hour rated pad from BikePad
    • Proven open back dropper functionality
    • Light weight grippers
    • Rg Rivet
    • Designed by the Wills Kids

    Rivet On