UPHIL 1000 Gaminet
$35.00 CAD

UPHIL 1000 Gaminet

This is a special shirt for a special guy and a special cause.

REGGIE invites you to celebrate Phil Deeker's "Ride of a Thousand Cols" and a couple of charities close to Phil's heart with the purchase of the Uphil 1000 Gaminet.

Comes in Masochistic Maroon for men and UPGradient Grey for women.

The Story Behind this Shirt:

Phil Deeker loves to ride his bike. Lucky for us he has been sharing some of the greatest riding experiences for cyclists over the past ten years with Cent Cols Challenges: a blend of next-level riding with a deep connection between fellow riders.

Do ten CCCs back to back and you have Phil’s demented way of celebrating his 60th birthday and The Ride of a Thousand Cols.

This isn’t crazy. This is passion. It’s what we love and respect about cycling – and Phil.

And with The Ride of a Thousand Cols, Phil’s passion extends beyond the CCC roads to fundraising efforts supporting causes that matter: getting kids on bikes and helping fellow riders.

The UPHIL 1000 Gaminet pulls it all together: a 60th birthday, lots of cols, epic kilometers, cycling meccas, the connected spirit of all CCC riders, and raising funds for charity.

Why You Want It:

100% of the CAD$35 (about 22GBP) you pay will be added to Phil’s fundraising efforts (we only ask that you cover the additional postage). The current run is limited to 100 gaminets and converts to CAD $3,500 (or 2,200GBP) being raised for The London BMX Legacy Project that puts kids on bikes and a cancer charity on behalf of Chris Combe who is a CCC rider and will be undergoing stem cell treatment.

Attack early to grab a unique piece of The Ride of a Thousand Cols and help a couple of important charities.

  • Rg Rivet
  • Gildan 100% cotton shirt
  • Slim fit
  • Designed by The Wills Kids