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Classy Pink Dropper Bibs (Women's)
$145.00 CAD

Classy Pink Dropper Bibs (Women's)

Ladies! You don't need to fear the pee break any longer. The new REGGIE Dropper Bibs are a super comfortable pair of bib shorts that will feel great on any ride without the need of getting undressed for a pee stop using simply designed bib straps. No clips, no zippers, no magnets. The fabric mix and lightweight straps make it easy to pull the shorts down and won't add bulky layers or extra compression around your chest or shoulders. Enjoy the riding AND the stopping in these value-packed bibs.

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Why You Want It:

  • Rg Rivet
  • Pee break friendly
  • Lightweight bib straps
  • Women's Dolomiti Chamois
  • 5cm leg grippers
  • Made by Jakroo for REGGIE
  • Designed by The Wills Kids

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